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dr alex landau Plastic Surgeon
MBChB (UCT) FCS Plast Surg (SA)

Dr Landau is a specialist plastic surgeon based at the renowned Kingsbury Hospital, Cape Town. Dr Landau has practiced as a specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon both locally and in the UK.

Additional specialist training was pursued in London during which time he had the opportunity to work with world-renowned Plastic Surgeons who had built their cosmetic practices on a career in complex reconstructive surgery. He learnt new approaches and techniques in a broad range of plastic surgical challenges.

One of his areas of interest and expertise is post bariatric body contour surgery. This is performed usually 6 months to a year after the bariatric procedure once the weight loss has stabilised and often involves multiple body areas. The excess skin and tissue is removed and tailored to improve the body contour. Almost all patients will need body contour surgery which is the final stage in the process. Body contouring is characterised by multiple surgeries (usually four to six) as the individual operations need to be done in stages. Dr Landau and his colleague, Dr Kairinos, work as a team on all body contouring operations. Their slick teamwork has allowed most patients to have two stages of their multiple surgeries in one sitting, reducing the total number of operations that a patient would need.

Dr Landau is an avid artist and enjoys spending leisure time relaxing with a canvas and oil colours. He is happily married and a father of four beautiful children. His approach to family, friends and patients is based on sincerity, honesty and discipline.  Performing an operation on someone is a huge responsibility and privilege that requires the total trust and confidence from the patient and he tries to treat each patient as if he/she were one’s own family.