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Patient Experience
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patient experience

patient experience
Chantell’s story

I was morbidly obese and suffered from depression as a result of this. Deciding to have gastric bypass surgery was a big decision and took a lot of hard work and determination before the actual surgery. It was a long and hard journey but one I do not regret. By changing my lifestyle in preparation for the surgery and continuing to live a healthy, active life, today I am 76kg lighter and look and feel great. I am no longer ashamed to wear short sleeves and skirts; I am able to do exercises without becoming out of breath. Best of all, I can go clothes-shopping with my daughter. I would recommend gastric bypass surgery to anyone who is thinking about having it done, as I have had a very positive experience and hope that my story could inspire someone to change their own life for the better.
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Norah’ story
I am in my early 50’s. I have been on diet, or so it seems for the bulk of my adult life. I had two big weight losses but slowly and surely put the weight back on again. I had this relationship with food that seemed to rule my life. I have a wonderful job that requires me to travel extensively all over the world, do presentations and teaching. I knew that my style was accepted by people and that I made a good impression, but was aware that my size was a serious disadvantage. Fitting into airplane seats without ‘spilling over’ into the next passenger, and the embarrassment of having to ask for a seat belt extension were just some of the humiliations that I had to deal with. The climb up the flight of stairs into the plane carrying a computer and a big handbag had me puffing at the top. The only advantage I had was that I could get clothing to fit me, except I was rapidly approaching the limit of Donna Claire sizing. I WAS DESPERATE. Then I was referred to the Chrysalis Clinic and my life changed. The acceptance of who I was and that I could be helped and people were willing to help me was wonderful. And the day the medical aid agreed to pay for the surgery was a life changing event. I had my surgery in early December 2007 and have not looked back since. My weight loss was not very rapid, but rather slow and sure. I have lost nearly 45 kilograms since starting this journey and 40 kilograms since the surgery some 9 months ago. I still have another few kilograms to go before I reach my desired weight, but I am sure that I will get there. The changes in my life have not been that dramatic, they tend to be more of the smaller celebrations. I now enjoy chasing my dog around the garden, mainly because I CAN chase her around the garden!! I am happy to run a short while when I walk the dog, and I do not get totally tired out any more. I do not get exhausted climbing the flight of stairs into the plane. I find that I have more energy and can cope with a bigger work load. My family is very impressed with me and proud of me. And I am proud of myself.
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Terry’s story
For 40 years I have tried to lose weight. Probably gone on diet 40 times, but each time after losing a few kilos I have put back on even more. After going to a physician for diabetes (it was just starting) the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass was mentioned. After quite some thought I decided to attend a meeting at the Chrysalis Clinic, in March this year. With all the happy faces there I decided to go for it. I had the op late April and now September I have lost in total 40kgs. Wow, what a difference. Not just in size but how I feel. To be able to do up the seatbelt in an aircraft again, sit on the bed and put on socks etc. Yes the simpler things you actually forget about, or just put up with, are what makes you realize what you have been missing all these years. Being 64 years of age, I was the oldest. It not “easy” but it’s worth it. Oh, and as for the diabetes, the pills went out the window!! I am now down to a normal level with no medication. Before the time you are carefully checked out to ensure you are a good candidate. There is plenty of support, from the whole team – pre and post op.
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Tim’s story
My name is Tim. I am aged 47 and my ideal weight is 75kgs but over the years, due to stress and pressure I adapted to a life of easy living involving take-aways, no exercise and junk food, and became a couch potato. I landed up being a massive 198kgs. I tried several diets but could not get under 184kgs. I needed professional help. I did not want to believe this, but I had lost all perspective regarding health and wellbeing. I realised only when it started to affect my daily living – not being able to tie my shoelaces, or walk far due to difficultly breathing. This soon affected my performance at work. With the help and concern from loyal people, I realized the seriousness of my condition and the consequences to follow if I carried on. I started the programme at Chrysalis Clinic and can proudly say it has changed my life completely. I have regained the ability to do all the things that were impossible over the past 15 years like sleeping well, walking far, tying laces, climbing stairs and performing exceptionally well at work. The list goes on and on. My shirt size has gone from a 7XL to XL and to walk into a normal store to buy clothes is a dream come true. I still have a way to go to reach my goal weight which is 85 kgs. The road ahead involves dedication as the surgery is not a quick fix, but merely a tool to put you on the right road to a better and healthier life. My thanks to all involved in the new me.



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