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Exercise requirements before surgery
We regard an exercise programme as integral to and essential for the success of our bariatric surgical programme. Exercise is vitally important to improve general health, to increase basal metabolic rate, to help utilise excess energy stores and to reduce the risks related to anaesthesia and surgery.

We insist on an 8-12 week programme with the biokineticist so the patient can learn how to exercise correctly and the Biokineticist can keep raising targets, as well as motivating the patient about the benefits of the exercise. Compliance with the exercise programme is necessary in order for you to be considered for surgery.

If patients are truly unable to see the biokineticist regularly, a home exercise programme can be put together for the patient to follow in the privacy of their own homes. Alternatively, the biokineticist on the team can liaise with the patient’s own personal trainer to ensure that the patient follows a goal-orientated programme and is pushed to achieve targets.

For further information about the biokineticist’s role in the patient’s individualized exercise programme, see under ‘Team – Biokineticist: How the Biokineticist Prepares the Patient for Surgery.’